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Hello, my name is David Stiles.  I have been studying Japanese sword (nihontō 日本刀) and the small metal fittings of the sword (tōsogu 刀装具) since 2001 and have been actively collecting them since 2006.  I am a member of the American branch of the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyōkai (日本美術刀劍保存協會) [NBTHK] since 2007 and the Japanese Sword Society of United States (JSSUS) since 2012 and the New York Tōken Kai (NYTK) since 2016. The focus of my study are the fittings of the Japanese sword.  I am particularly interested in collecting nihontō and tōsogu with deep cultural and historical meaning. Below are some fun photos of my many vacations to Japan for research.

Saigo Takamori in Ueno Park
Buddhist Pagoda
Kato Kiyomasa in Kumamoto City
Odawara Station
Confucian Temple in Nagasaki City
Zen Buddhist Temple, Nagasaki
Terms and Conditions


Contact me directly using the Contact Page.  All information is the result of my own study, research, and analysis and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate and the details of each item on this website has and will change as more information is gathered about each item. With that said I have tried my best to provide as much accurate information as possible.  I am an active member of the the NBTHK, JSSUS, and New York Tōken Kai with frequent visits to Japanese sword shows in the United States. All copyrighted photographs are watermarked and their use is available upon request.  Feel free to contact if you have any additional questions.

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