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GALLERIES: The Art of the Tsuba   

The Japanese sword guard (tsuba 鍔) is second only to the blade in beauty and first in expression of the warrior's status, character, and values. Below is a collection of my personal information I have gathered through my research and in hand study of each piece. Click on the title or photo below to see all of the items listed in the gallery including the pictured item.  Each piece will have multiple photographs, a detailed description, and other information.  Contact me directly via the Contact webpage for all questions, comments, or fair trades requests.   

Satsuma-yaki Vase.jpg
Kanayama Tsuba Omote_edited.jpg
Hoan Tsuba Omote.jpg
Nishigaki Kanpei Tsuba Omote.jpg
Kanton Dai Tsuba Omote_edited.jpg
Katchushi Tsuba Omote.jpg
Myochin Tsuba Omote_edited.jpg
Ko-Kinko Tsuba Omote 2_edited.jpg
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