Welcome this is just a website about myself, I tried to include as many of my own photographs as possible.  Otaku (おたく) as defined in Wikipedia "a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly but not limited to anime and manga". My Japanese wife has recently started calling me "tsuba otaku" as I have such a deep interest in Japanese sword handguard (tsuba 鍔). The website features a set of eleven webpages focused on tsuba from my personal collection. There are also three galleries of the small fittings (kodōgu 小道具) containing the other fittings besides the tsuba for the Japanese sword and a Koshirae Gallery webpage containing full sets of matching Japanese sword fittings. The final gallery contains Japanese swords (nihontō 日本刀) from my personal collection. I hope you enjoy my website and constructive feedback is always welcome. Please click below or go to the CONTACT page to email me directly. 
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