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(小道具ギャラリー④) Kodōgu Gallery #4

Kyō-Kanagushi Menuki (京金具師目貫)

Japanese Title: 獅子図目貫 (shishi no zu menuki)

Material: Red Copper (Shakudō 赤銅)

Age: Late Edo Period

Size: 3.3 cm and 1.5 cm wide

Signature: mumei (無銘)

Surface Finish: Migaki-ji (磨地)

Attachment: None

These are handle ordainments (menuki 目貫) of a dagger (tanto 短刀) or short sword (wakizashi 脇差) Japanese sword. They were likely made by the metal tool masters of Kyōto (京都) (Kyō-Kanagushi 京金具師) during the late Edo Period. These menuki are unsigned (mumei 無銘) by the artist that made them. On top is gold foil that has been purposely worn away in places to reveal the darker (shakudō 赤銅) base. This creates a dramatic contrast of light and dark areas of the design done in high relief of the Lion Dog (shishi 獅子). The base metal is a thin plate of blackish red shakudō. Shakudō, literally translated as red copper, is an alloy of mostly refined copper and a low percentage of gold.


Provenance: Purchased from a Japanese dealer at DTI 2023.

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